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*Pinky (from PAC-MAN) as Craig Tucker
*Pinky (from PAC-MAN) as Craig Tucker
*Clyde (from PAC-MAN) as Clyde Donovan
*Clyde (from PAC-MAN) as Clyde Donovan
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  • Mr. Mischief as Stan Marsh
  • Mr. Stubborn as Kyle Broflovski
  • Mr. Tickle as Eric Cartman
  • Mr. Cheeky as Kenny McCormick
  • Little Miss Naughty as Wendy Testaburger
  • Little Miss Trouble as Bebe Stevens
  • Mr. Uppity as Randy Marsh
  • Little Miss Bossy as Sharon Marsh
  • Little Miss Giggles as Shelly Marsh
  • Mr. Mean as Mr. Garrison
  • Mr. Grumble as Mr. Mackey
  • Mr. Crosspatch as Chef
  • Blinky and Inky (from PAC-MAN) as Terrance and Phillip
  • Mr. Messy as Scott Tenorman
  • Mr. Strong as Satan
  • Mr. Bounce as Saddam Hussein
  • Pinky (from PAC-MAN) as Craig Tucker
  • Clyde (from PAC-MAN) as Clyde Donovan
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