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Opening ThemeEdit

Season 1Edit

Ep 1.: "Sir Kermit the Brave"/"Animal Fly Airplane"Edit

Ep 2.: "Hatastrophe"/"Fly South"Edit

Ep 3.: "The Great Muppet Sport-A-Thon"/"You Say Potato, I Say Best Friend"Edit

Ep 4.: "Super Fabulous Vs. Captain Ice Cube"/"Piggy's Time Machine"Edit

Ep 5.: "How Kermit Got His Groove"/"One Small Problem"Edit

Ep 6.: "Playground Pirates"/"The Blanket Fort"Edit

Ep 7.: "Summer Penguin P.I."/"You Ought to Be in Pictures"Edit

Ep 8.: "Kermit Levels Up"/"Frogs of a Feather"Edit

Ep 9.: "Animal Cleans Up"/"Best Pals Pizza Parlor Palace"Edit

Ep 10.: "The Good the Bad and the Froggy"/"Muppet Rock"Edit

Ep 11.: "Upside-Down Day"/"Tooth and Consequences"Edit

Ep 12.: "The Great Gonzo's Desert Grand Prix"/"Animal Kong"Edit

Ep 13.: "Bunsen Knows All"/"Doctor Fozzie"Edit

Ep 14.: "Grandpa Camp"/"A Backyard Divided"Edit

Ep 15.: "Happy Hallowocka!"/"The Teeth-Chattering Tale of the Haunted Pancakes"Edit

Ep 16.: "Kermit's Big Show"/"The Card Shark"Edit

Ep 17.: "A Very Muppet Babies Christmas"/"Summer's Super Fabulous Holiday Surprise"Edit


1.: "Show and Tell Special"Edit

What episodes are these shots from?Edit

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