• Pinkie Pie as Wubbzy
  • Applejack as Widget
  • Twilight Sparkle as Walden
  • Fluttershy as Daizy (Both Love Flowers All Spring)
  • Granny Smith as Mrs. Zamboni
  • Derpy as Kooky Kid
  • Rainbow Dash as Buggy (Both Blue)
  • Aria Blaze as Huggy
  • Cheese Sandwich as Earl

Version 2 (Nintendo) Edit

  • Inkling Boy (Blue) as Wubbzy
  • Rosalina as Widget
  • Wolf O'Donnell as Walden (Both Start With W)
  • Ribbon Jigglypuff as Daizy (Both Cute Like Fluttershy: I Know That)
  • Bayonetta as Mrs. Zamboni
  • Charizard as Kooky Kid (Both End With D But They Are Both Orange)
  • Sonic as Buggy (Both Blue But They Wear Glasses To Look Beautiful)
  • Kagamine Rin (From Vocaloid) as Huggy
  • King DeDeDe as Earl (Both Big)
  • Palutena as Shine
  • Nana as Shimmer (Both Pink)
  • Robin (Female) as Sparkle
  • And More
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