October 23, 2010 – October 26, 2019

My Little Pony (2010 TV Series) is the American animated series produced by DHX Media and Hasbro Studios. It is created by Lauren Faust, when she failed to pitch an animated adaptation of toyline. Sadly, the show ended with Holidays Unwrapped on October 26, 2019 after 9 seasons.


The show mostly focuses on Twilight Sparkle, an intelligent unicorn who is the student of Princess Celestia, the ruler of Equestria, who (the former) also has a baby dragon assistant named Spike. Both are sent to Ponyville by Celestia so Twilight can learn about friendship. There, she later meets her known Ponyville friends: feminine tailor Rarity, tomboyish and athletic Rainbow Dash, timid animal-loving Fluttershy, energetic party-planning Pinkie Pie and hard-working farmer Applejack. They go on adventures, solve various problems and learn about the magic of friendship (hence the title).

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