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*Skipper [From The Penguins Of Madagascar] as SpongeBob
*Skipper as SpongeBob
*Private [From The Penguins of Madagascar] as Patrick
*Private as Patrick
*Dudley [From TUFF PUPPY] as Squidward
*Mr. Krabs as Squidward
*Kowalski as Mr. Krabs
*Rico [From The Penguins Of Madagascar] as Sandy
*Marlene as Sandy
*Mort [From The Penguins of Madagacar] as Gary the Snail
*Kowalski [From The Peguins Of Madagascar] as Stanley SquarePants
*Peaches [From Rocko's Modern Life] as The Flying Dutchman
*Keswick [From TUFF PUPPY] as Squillam
*Kitty Katswell [From TUFF PUPPY] as Squillvia
*Marlene [From The Penguins of Madagascar] as Pearl
*Jimmy Neutron [From Jimmy Neutron] as SpongeBob's Dad
*Cindy Vortex [From Jimmy Neutron] as SpongeBob's Mom
*Chum Chum [From Fanboy and Chum Chum] as Blackjack SquarePants
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  • Skipper as SpongeBob
  • Private as Patrick
  • Mr. Krabs as Squidward
  • Kowalski as Mr. Krabs
  • Marlene as Sandy
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