• Dashi as Dora
  • Peso as Boots
  • Shellington as Benny
  • Kwazii as Tico
  • Tweak as Isa
  • Plankton (from SpongeBob SquarePants) as Swiper
  • Captain Barnacles as Diego
  • Tunip as Map
  • Tominnow as Backpack
  • Professor Inkling as Senor Tucan
  • Giant Squid as Big Red Chicken
  • Barrot, Codish, and Grouber as the Fiesta Trio
  • Bianca as Alicia
  • Pearl as Daisy
  • Ursa and Orsan as Isabella and Guillermo
  • Koshi as Baby Blue Bird
  • Squirt as Baby Red Fish
  • Lemmy as Grumpy Old Troll
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