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Opening ThemeEdit

Season 1Edit

Ep 1.: "Olivia Measures Up"/"Olivia Plays Hotel"Edit

Ep 2.: "Olivia's Ice Spectacular"/"Olivia's Snow Day"Edit

Ep 3.: "Olivia Makes Magic"/"Olivia and the School Concert"Edit

Ep 4.: "Olivia Visits the Aquarium"/"Olivia Goes International"Edit

Ep 5.: "Olivia and the Crystal Ball"/"Olivia Plays Soccer"Edit

Ep 6.: "The Two Olivias"/"Olivia Tends to the Sick"Edit

Ep 7.: "Olivia Makes a Video"/"Olivia Takes a Road Trip"Edit

Ep 8.: "Olivia Goes Camping"/"Olivia Plays Vet"Edit

Ep 9.: "Olivia Packs Up"/"Olivia is Invited to Dinner"Edit

Ep 10.: "Olivia the Pet Monitor"/"Olivia and the Anniversary Surprise"Edit

Ep 11.: "Olivia Paints a Mural"/"Olivia's Day at the Office"Edit

Ep 12.: "Olivia Leads a Parade"/"Olivia the Nature Photographer"Edit

Ep 13.: "Olivia's Good Luck"/"Olivia Explores Outer Space"Edit

Ep 14.: "Olivia Plays Piano"/"Olivia Trains Her Cat"Edit

Ep 15.: "Olivia and Her Ducklings"/"Olivia Takes Ballet"Edit

Ep 16.: "Olivia Helps Mother Nature"/"Olivia Gets Fit"Edit

Ep 17.: "Olivia Becomes a Chef"/"Olivia and the Babies"Edit

Ep 18.: "Olivia Acts Out"/"Olivia and Grandma's Visit"Edit

Ep 19.: "Olivia and Her Alien Brother"/"Olivia's Lemonade Stand"Edit

Ep 20.: "Olivia Runs a Carnival"/"Olivia Explores the Attic"Edit

Ep 21.: "Olivia Plants a Garden"/"Olivia's Pirate Treasure"Edit

Ep 22.: "Olivia and the Old West"/"Olivia's Fashion Show"Edit

Ep 23.: "Olivia and the Family Photo"/"Olivia Claus"Edit

Ep 24.: "Olivia Goes to the Beach"/"Olivia Keeps a Secret"Edit

Ep 25.: "Olivia Goes to the Library"/"Olivia Makes a Wedding Gift"Edit

Season 2Edit

Ep 1.: "Olivia Talks Turkey"/"Olivia Takes a Hike"Edit

Ep 2.: "Olivia's Christmas Surprise"/"Olivia Builds a Snowlady"Edit

Ep 3.: "Puppy Love"/"Magnificent Magnet Girl"Edit

Ep 4.: "Olivia: Princess for a Day"Edit

Ep 5.: "Olivia and the Treasure Hunt"Edit

Ep 6.: "Olivia's Old West Treasure Hunt"/"Olivia Makes It Rain"Edit

Ep 7.: "Olivia's Kite Party"/"Olivia Builds a House"Edit

Ep 8.: "Tip Top Tapper"/"Olivia Plans a Tea Party"Edit

Ep 9.: "Olivia's Charmed Life"/"Olivia's Pet Project"Edit

Ep 10.: "Olivia's Dogwash"/"Meteor Mania"Edit

Ep 11.: "Olivia's Staycation"/"Olivia's Butterfly Adventure"Edit

Ep 12.: "Olivia the Firefighter"/"Olivia Gives the Best Gift Ever"Edit

What episode shots are these from?Edit

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