One #evening #Olivia went to the #ballet with her #mother

Olivia dreamed of being a #prima ballerina

Olivia's mother asked if she #enjoyed the ballet I loved it I want to be a ballerina said Olivia can I Take Ballet lessons please?

Olivia could not keep her mind off ballet during a #geography lesson about #Africa Olivia made an announcement.

I'm am Going to dance a ballet for #show-and-tell

Olivia began ballet lessons She learn #first position and then try a #Pile That's french for bend your knees

Olivia dreamed a dancing a beautiful ballet on a #grand stage with a handsome partner

I want to dance with a partner Olivia told her teacher But they were no boys in the class

That night Olivia asked #Ian to join her ballet class But he #refused Fine said Olivia i'll call #Julian

i'm not a ballet kind of guy said Julian come on you might even like it said Olivia

Julian agreed to join only one ballet class Every girl wanted to dance with her and be lifted up in the air

Julian you're supposed to be my partner said Olivia But they all want me to be their partner said Julian

Come on Julian said Olivia We have to #practice for show-and-tell before you dance with another girl

Soon every #muscle in Julian's body hurt I can do any more ballet for a while Said Julian

Olivia needed a new partner

That night Olivia family had a special #visitor #Uncle Garrett

He is a football player and Olivia's favorite uncle

I need a new ballet partner who is #graceful #athletic and funny said Olivia Just Like You Uncle Garrett

But Uncle Garrett was worried he didn't know about ballet i'l teach you Olivia said I know #tons about ballet

First go out for the #pass Olivia explained as She tossed the football To Uncle Garrett

Then jump Pass jump lift said Olivia See Uncle Garrett it's just like football but without the ball!"

The next day it was time for show-and-tell We are going to do a #pas de dux That's ballet said Olivia

Olivia dance beautifully and Uncle Garrett lifted her high into the air the class cheered

When Olivia's mother tucked her in that night Olivia is already dreaming of her next #performance

Brava The crowd cheered

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