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Season 1Edit

Ep. 1Edit

"Camp Out!"Edit

"Uma Swing!"Edit

Ep. 2Edit

"Uma Bathroom!"Edit

"Dance Class!"Edit

Ep. 3Edit

"Kako's Puppy!"Edit

"Uma's Birthday!"Edit

Ep. 4Edit



Ep. 5Edit

"Grampu Day!"Edit

"Make Pizza!"Edit

Ep. 6Edit


"Oobi's Car!"Edit

Ep. 7Edit

"Garden Day!"Edit

"Piano Lesson!"Edit

Ep. 8Edit

"Uma Chicken!"Edit


Ep. 9Edit

"Play Ball!"Edit

"Build Fort!"Edit

Ep. 10Edit

"Petting Zoo!"Edit

"New Friend!"Edit

Ep. 11Edit

"Uma Sick"Edit


Ep. 12Edit

"Make Art!"Edit

"Rainy Day!"Edit

Ep. 13Edit

"Pretend Circus!"Edit

"Make Music!"Edit

Season 2Edit

Ep. 1: "Video!"Edit

Ep. 2Edit


"Uma Dreams!"Edit

Ep. 3Edit


"Clean Up!"Edit

Ep. 4Edit

"Kako Dinner!"Edit

"Sign Language!"Edit

Ep. 5Edit



Ep. 6: "Uma Trip!"Edit

Ep. 7: "Neighborhood!"Edit

Ep. 8Edit



Ep. 9Edit

"Chez Oobi!"Edit


Ep. 10Edit



Ep. 11Edit



Ep. 12Edit

"Nature Walk!"Edit


Ep. 13Edit



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