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Oobi Remember is an online game released to It was available on the site from 2003 until 2009. It was later released to and was playable until 2015.


  • Oobi


  • "Give Oobi a hand in this remembering game. Oobi displays three items for you to remember (for example, a hat, shirt and mittens). One is removed and replaced with a question mark. Below, Oobi offers two choices: one, the original item in the initial set, and the other, an incorrect or extraneous object. You must then remember which item was in the original set and click on the missing item. If the correct item is clicked, you win a star. If the incorrect one is clicked, Oobi tells you 'uh-uh.' Finish the game by winning all three stars!"
  • Oobi Remember game! Oobi needs your help remembering. 3 Stars - you win!
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