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We are very happy to bring you a new game to the Sesame Street Games category right now, since we believe this category to be very popular on our website, because it has some really unique and interesting games, one more fun and different than the other, and a new game in it is always welcome by all of the visitors on our website. Oscar's Trash Collection is the name of this game, featuring Oscar, this being the first game in which he is in the spotlight. Want to know what it is exactly you have to do? Just read the next part of the description and you will have no problems at all! In this game, Oscar has a lot of trash in his home, which he loves to have, but he needs your help to sort it, and you are going to sort the trash by color. For example, for the first batch of junk, you will put the orange trash on the shelf on the right, and the blue trash on the shelf on the left. When you are done sorting all of them, you move on to the next group of trash, which will have different colors. What are you waiting for? Start this really awesome game right now, only on our website, and we guarantee that you won't be disappointed!


  • Oscar

Play Together

Practice sorting and recycling with your child. Ask her to help you place paper items in one bin and plastic items in another bin.

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