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Ep 1.: "Chasing the Ice Cream Truck"/"The Camping Trip"Edit

Ep 2.: "The Polka Dot Umbrella"/"One More Marshmallow"Edit

Ep 3.: "Daisy Plays an Instrument"/"The Ball of Yarn"Edit

Ep 4.: "Down in the Dump"/"The Birdhouse"Edit

Ep 5.: "Henry Needs a Haircut"/"Flippy the Fish"Edit

Ep 6.: "Rollerskating"/"I Guess You Never Know"Edit

Ep 7.: "Sleepover"/"Big Banana"Edit

Ep 8.: "Leaky Faucet"/"Catrina's Birthday Cake"Edit

Ep 9.: "Cloud Collecting"/"Pongo the Friendly Dragon"Edit

Ep 10.: "A Nice Quiet Picnic"/"The Big Parade"Edit

Ep 11.: "The Go-Kart Race"/"Autumn Leaves"Edit

Ep 12.: "A Day at the Beach"/"The Sand Sculpture Contest"Edit

Ep 13.: "Fixing the Piano"/"Henry Wants to Fly"Edit

Ep 14.: "Daisy and the Duckling"/"The Double Date"Edit

Ep 15.: "The Sniffles"/"The Broken Vase"Edit

Ep 16.: "The Big Balloon Rescue"/"Snow to Go"Edit

Ep 17.: "Odd One Out"/"Goodbye Best Friend"Edit

Ep 18.: "The Tomato Garden"/"Bird Watching"Edit

Ep 19.: "Friends Indeed"/"Sammy Starfish Live!"Edit

Ep 20.: "The Pet Show"/"Going Fishing"Edit

Ep 21.: "The Naughty Cat"/"The Giant Egg"Edit

Ep 22.: "A Sticky Situation"/"Tutti-Frutti Pie"Edit

Ep 23.: "Job For A Day"/"The Perfect Match"Edit

Ep 24.: "Catrina's First Snow"/"The Snow Festival"Edit

Ep 25.: "The Biggest Wish"/"The Stopped Clock"Edit

Ep 26.: "Weenie Needs a Bath"/"Hide and Seek"Edit

What episodes are these shots from?Edit

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