Cast Edit

  • George as Flik
  • Peppa Pig as Princess Atta
  • Madame Gazelle as The Queen
  • Candy Cat as Dot
  • Grandad Dog as Thorny
  • Grandpa Pig as Cornlouis
  • Rebecca Rabbit as Dr. Flora
  • Mr. Bull as Hopper
  • Pedro Pony as Thumper
  • Daddy Pig as Dim
  • Richard as Heimlich
  • Danny Dog as Francis
  • Suzy Sheep as Gypsy
  • Emily Elephant as Rosie
  • Rosie and Robbie as Tuck and Roll
  • Freddy Fox as Slim
  • Zoe Zebra as PT. Flea
  • Edmond as Manny
  • Dr. Brown Bear as Molt
  • Ducks as The Fly Brothers
  • Wendy Wolf as Woody (cameo)
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