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== Cast ==
Peppa Pig as RJ
*George Pig as RJ
*Pedro Pony as Verne
Pedro Pony as Verne
*Danny Dog as Hammy
*Peppa Pig as Stella
George Pig as Hammy
*Daddy Pig as Ozzie
*Suzy Sheep as Heather
Suzy Sheep as Stella
*Uncle Pig as Lou
Daddy Pig as Ozzie
Mummy Pig as Heather
Uncle Pig as Lou
Jessie (From Toy Story 2) as Penny
Thomas, Percy and James (From TTTE) as Spike, Bucky and Quillo
Flik (From A Bug’s Life) as Tiger the White Cat
Diesel (From TTTE) as Vincent
Lillie Lightship (From TUGS) as Fiona
Hopper (From A Bug’s Life) as Dwayne
Angelica (From Rugrats) as Gladys
Henry (From TTTE) as Puss In Boots
Garfield (From Garfield) as Gingy
Sunshine (From TUGS) as Donkey
Ten Cents (From TUGS) as Shrek
Pearl (From Steven Universe) as Lillian
Chicken Little (From Chicken Little) as Big Bad Wolf
Amethyst (From Steven Universe) as Pinocchio
Phil (From Rugrats) as Woody
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[[Category:Over the Hedge Parodies]]

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  • George Pig as RJ
  • Pedro Pony as Verne
  • Danny Dog as Hammy
  • Peppa Pig as Stella
  • Daddy Pig as Ozzie
  • Suzy Sheep as Heather
  • Uncle Pig as Lou
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