Cast Edit

  • Freddy Fox as Tinkey Winky
  • Goerge Pig as Dipsy
  • Peppa Pig as Laa-Laa
  • Suzy Sheep as Po
  • Polly Parrot as Noo- Noo
  • Reginald the Lion (from 64 Zoo Lane) as Scary Lion
  • Granny Pig as Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair
  • Uncle Pig as Male Voice Trumpet
  • Mr. Bull as Snakes
  • Daddy Pig as Tigers
  • Daddy Rabbit as Penguins
  • Mr. Pony as Elephants
  • Miss Rabbit as Bo Peep
  • Pedro Pony as The Dance Bear
  • Gordon (from Thomas and Freinds) as The Magic Train
  • Mummy Pig as Female Voice Trumpet
  • Grandpa Pig as The Singing Puppet Man
  • and more
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