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Percy's Ghostly Trick and Other Thomas Stories, later retitled Percy's Ghostly Trick, is a US VHS/DVD featuring two second series episodes and four third series episodes narrated by George Carlin and a song. It was presented by Quality Family Entertainment and distributed by Video Treasures in 1994 (for Strand Home Video).

Description [1]

1994 VHS [2]

PEEP! PEEP! All aboard for ghostly adventures as Percy has Thomas thinking he's just seen a ghost! But on their next escapade, the tables turn, when Percy puffs away into a giant pile of hay! Meet Oliver who soon learns that trucks can be troublesome and helps Donald and Douglas rescue Thomas, the cheeky, mischievous engine. So join volume eleven's festivities with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, where there are laughs and surprises around each bend.

Episodes [3]

  1. Percy's Ghostly Trick
  2. Woolly Bear
  3. Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure
  4. Escape
  5. Oliver Owns Up
  6. All at Sea

Song [4]

Bonus features [5]