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Percy and the Bandstand is a US DVD release featuring four twelfth season episodes narrated by Michael Brandon.


You're invited to join the celebration of fun and friendship with Thomas as he takes off on a series of exciting adventures! Come along with Thomas and the whole Sodor gang for a hot-air balloon ride, a top secret birthday party, a special surprise at the bandstand and more. A nonstop celebration of fun and friendship is leaving the station, so hop on board and enjoy the festivities waiting up ahead!


  1. Toby's Special Surprise
  2. Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
  3. The Man in the Hills
  4. Percy and the Bandstand


  1. Engine Rollcall

Bonus featuresEditEdit


  • This is the second and last DVD to feature Mr. Arkwright.


  • The Photographer is seen on the front cover, but he does not appear in any episode on this DVD.
  • Both the back and Netflix covers are from Mountain Marvel, but that episode is not included.
  • The end credits list Nigel Plaskitt as narrating the Rev. W. Awdry's letter often seen at the start of new series DVDs, but the letter is not used on this DVD.

DVD PacksEditEdit

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