In the original edition for the song, 3 girls aged 11 and 12 are at rushden lakes cineworld 4DX

Note: In the original script for the song, bear says ugh four times as the people move the chairs in motion, bubbles, air, fog, wind, lightning, water, ticklers, scent, shakers, snow


Recess: School's Out (@2001 Disney)

Little Big Planet 2 (@ 2011 Media Molecule)

KaBlam! (Hurts So Good!!; @1996-2000 Nickelodeon)

Gravity Falls (Scary-oke; @2012-2016 Disney)

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers (Happy Birthdays; @2004-2006 Disney)

Bear in the Big Blue House (To Clean or Not to Clean; @1997-2006 Disney/Jim Henson)

Family Guy (@1999 20th Century Fox) (note: they are at Alaska)

The Simpsons (@1989- 20th Century Fox) (note: they are at China)

Futurama (@1999-2013 20th Century Fox) (note: fry, bender and leela are at Mexico)

The Book of Pooh (@2001-2004 Disney)

Histeria! (Presidential People; @1998-2000 Warner Bros.)

Little Big planet: The journey home (@2014 Media molecule)

The Amazing World of Gumball (The Compilation; @2011- Cartoon Network)

True and the Rainbow Kingdom (Super Duper Dance Party; @2017- Guru Studio)

Chowder (Sing Beans; @2007-2010 Cartoon Network)

My Gym Partner's a Monkey (Animal School Musical; @2005-2008 Cartoon Network)

Camp Lazlo (There's No Place Like Gnome; @2005-2008 Cartoon Network)

Odd Squad (A Case of the Sing Alongs; @2014 PBS)

Sesame Street (Olivia Sings At bird land; @1969- @2016- PBS/HBO)

The Berenstain Bears (@1985-1987 Hanna-Barbera/Southern Star)

Arthur (Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival; @1996 PBS)


Clive Handforth: potty hey hey hey Potty hey hey hey potty

Clive handforth, kablam characters, gravity falls characters and brandy and mr whiskers characters: hey hey hey potty x3)

Clive handforth hey hey hey potty yeah when we potty we potty hardy when we go when we got to get low 0:38 get down

Bear: ugh ugh ugh ugh

Clive handforth: get your self on the potty train you'll be living in the fast lane Alaska China Mexico everybody's got to go

Clive handforth, book of Pooh characters and histeria characters: potty hey hey hey potty

Clive Handforth: loosen up don't get uptight potty train is out of sight

Clive and amazing world of gumball characters: potty hey hey hey potty

Clive Handforth: remember to aim that the name of the game when you (With true) get on board potty train 1:14

All: potty hey hey hey potty x7

Clive handforth: hey hey hey potty yeah! it's a potty inside!

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