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ROY/A Bug's Life is a parody with ROY clips and A Bug's Life sounds


  • Roy: Flik
  • Kathy: Princess Atta
  • Becky: Dot
  • : The Queen
  • Duncan (from TTTE): Thorny
  • Abby Elizabeth (from TTTE): Gypsy
  • Mavis (from TTTE): Dr. Flora
  • Bill: Mr. Soil
  • Declan: Hopper
  • Mr. Hammond: Molt
  • Jack: Cornelius
  • Iago From (Aladdin): Francis
  • Connor: Dim
  • Sinead: Rosie
  • Mr. Bump (from The Mr. Men Show): Manny
  • Commander Vachir (from Kung Fu Panda): P.T. Flea
  • Tommy: Heimlich
  • McSquizzy (from Open Season): Slim
  • Hendley: Thumper
  • : Tuck and Roll
  • Leo (from Little Einsteins): Woody (cameo)

Baby Wants Pie Scene

Tommy (dressed up as a clown baby): "Ba-ba all gone. baby wants piiiiiiiiie!"

Iago: "Pie? he asked for it. should I give it to him?"