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  • Roy as Flik
  • Becky as Princess Atta
  • Daisy From (TTTE) as The Queen
  • Tommy as Thorny (Tommy and Thorny both share their names ending with a letter y)
  • Gazpacho From (Chowder) as Cornelius
  • Tramp From (Lady & The Tramp) as Mr. Soil
  • Maura or Miss Jervis as Dr. Flora
  • Declan, Hendley or Fagan as Hopper
  • Chaca From (The Emperor's New Groove) as Dot
  • Juan Carlos Bodoque From (31 Minutos) as Francis
  • Jack as Heimlich
  • Daisy Duck From (Mickey Mouse) as Rosie
  • Juanin Juan Harry From (31 Minutos) as Slim
  • Eeyore From (Winnie the Pooh) as Dim
  • Jock and Trusty From (Lady & The Tramp) as Tuck and Roll
  • Tulio Triviño From (31 Minutos) as Manny
  • Marge From (The Simpsons) as Gypsy
  • Mr. Lucey or Bill as PT
  • Cookie Monster From (Sesame Street) as Molt
  • Shere Khan From (The Jungle Book) as Thumper