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Races, Rescues and Runaways and Other Thomas Adventures is a US VHS featuring six fifth seasonepisodes narrated by Alec Baldwin and one song. The DVD release also featured an extra song.


1999 VHS:Edit

PEEP! PEEP! All aboard for all new stories featuring some of the best races, rescues, and runaways with Thomas and his friends! Life on the Island of Sodor is never boring - Sometimes when the engines are in trouble, they rely on their friends to Race to the Rescue. Watch what happens to Percywhen some runaway freight cars cause near disaster. Cheer on Harold as he comes to the aid of troubled Toby, and help Henry out of a "fishy" situation. Hop aboard and get ready for non-stop excitement!


  1. Toby and the Flood
  2. Put Upon Percy
  3. Horrid Lorry
  4. Bye George!
  5. Something in the Air
  6. Oliver's Find


  1. Accidents will Happen (Separate from main feature on DVD)
  2. Come for the Ride (DVD only)


  • This is the only DVD and one of two VHS releases to feature the Post Van's nameboard sequence.
  • This was the last digital release by Lionsgate.
  • The VUDU digital release includes some alternative title cards, along with extra episodes from Cranky Bugs & Other Thomas Stories with the title cards customed in the intro shot of Thomas going under the bridge.
  • On the iTunes release, there are no intermissions.
  • On the 1999 tape label Races, Rescues and Runaways Other Thomas Stories but the ampersand is missing.
  • Some 1999 label say Races, Rescues & Runaways or Races, Rescues and Runaways Other Thomas Stories.


  • The audio towards the end of Put Upon Percy skips on the VUDU release.
  • The episodes from Cranky Bugs & Other Thomas Stories on the VUDU release are out of sync.
  • An image from Lady Hatt's Birthday Party is used as the preview image on the mobile version of the Google Play store, but that episode is not on this release.
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