Cast Edit

  • Roary as Bodi
  • Maxi as Angus Scattergood
  • Big Chris as Khampa
  • Johnny Cuba (from TUGS) as Linnux
  • Acer and Grem (From Cars 2) as Riff and Skozz
  • CiCi as Darma
  • Drifter as Germur
  • Flash as Trey
  • Shu Todoroki (From Cars 2) as Fleetwood Yak
  • Disco Man as Ozzie
  • Plugger as Carl
  • Marsha as Radio DJ
  • Racing Twins #1 as Steve
  • Racing Twins #2 as Ian
  • Hellie as Floyd
  • Rusty as Ethel
  • Zippie as Feng
  • Farmer Green as Phil
  • Lighting McQueen (From Cars) as Young Bodi
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