Rock Dog/Hero of The Rails is a Parody with Hero Of The Rails sounds and Rock Dog clips.


  • Bodi as Thomas
  • Mr. Fox (From Fantastic Mr. Fox) as Edward
  • Farmer Pickles (From Bob the Builder (1998)) as Henry
  • Khampa as Gordon
  • Angus Scattergood as James
  • Germur as Percy
  • Charlie Brown (From Peanuts) as Toby
  • Darma as Emily
  • Fleetwood Yak as Hiro
  • Yang (From Yin Yang Yo) as Kevin
  • E.B. (From Hop) as Victor
  • Hugh Neutron (From The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius) as The Fat Controller
  • Captain Hook (From Shrek the Third) as Spencer
  • Trey as Diesel (Cameo)
  • Lynn Loud (From the Loud House) as Rosie (Cameo)
  • Radio DJ as Mavis
  • Anna (From Frozen) as Annie (Cameo)
  • Elsa (From Frozen) as Clarabel (Cameo)
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