Saved from Scrap is the fourth episode of the second series.


One day, Edward is heading to the scrapyard on his branch line. Thomas exclaims that Edward is not that old, but Edward knows that Thomas is only teasing.

At the scrapyard, Edward sees a very unusual sight: a traction engine named Trevor. Edward asks him why he is at the scrapyard. The traction engine tells him that he is due to be broken up the following week; though he is still clearly in working condition, his master decided he was old-fashioned. Edward remarks that he gets told the same thing, but he knows that he is really useful. Trevor then tells Edward about his old life; he would travel from farm to farm doing various jobs and children would be excited to see him and took rides on him. Edward worriedly travels to the station trying his hardest to think of a way to save Trevor.

At Wellsworth, Edward spots the Vicar and realises he could be the perfect person to save Trevor. He and his driver explain about Trevor's situation and beg the Vicar to save him, the Vicar promises to go take a look. A few days later Jem Cole tells Trevor about the Vicar's visit and gives him a new coat of paint and a good polish in preparation. The Vicar arrives and Trevor starts riding around the yard feeling happier than ever. Afterwards, the Vicar talks to the scrapyard owner and is able to buy Trevor cheap.

Now Trevor lives at the vicarage orchard which is next to the line, so he and Edward see each other everyday. Trevor enjoys his new work, but his favourite day of the year is the day of the church fête, when he has a wooden seat bolted on to him and gets to give children rides.

Afterwards, he is seen lying asleep thinking about the wonderful day he has had and the children he met.




  • This episode is based on the story of the same name from The Railway Series book, Edward the Blue Engine.
  • The still shot of Thomas saying "What, already? You're not that old!" would be used as a prominent series icon including being a main part of the Shining Time Station opening.
  • When Edward is leaving the scrapyard, he is wearing a worried face mask that would later be used for Donald and Douglas.
  • It is revealed that Edward's driver is named Charlie. This is the only time it is mentioned.
    • This is also the only time any engine's driver or fireman's name are revealed.
  • In the Japanese version, Charlie spoke Edward's dialogue when he was asking the Vicar to save Trevor.
  • Deleted scenes suggest Edward's chat with the Vicar was to be extended, and two particular deleted scenes show him with an alternate sad face and a happy one, too.
  • Ringo Starr's US narration was not released on home media until 2012 when it was included on Engine Friends.
  • George Carlin's narration of this episode was never featured on an episode of Shining Time Station. It first appeared on Daisy and Other Thomas Stories.
  • This is the only episode that Jem Cole is referred to by name until the sixth series episode, Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry.


  • In the first shot Gordon stops moving after he goes past the signal.
  • When Edward approaches Wellsworth, in George Carlin's narration and most international narrations, he has Thomas' whistle sound. In Ringo Starr's narrations and the Japanese and Welsh versions, no whistle sound is heard. Also, the tracks start to move once Edward's on it.
  • When Edward is at the scrapyards, Lynton and Barnstaple Railway open trucks appear behind him, but when he passes Suddery Castle, he is pulling regular trucks. When he is at Wellsworth however, he is pulling Lynton and Barnstaple Railway open trucks again.
  • Thomas' driver is missing when Edward leaves to go to the scrapyard.
  • In a deleted scene of Edward talking with the vicar, his happy face mask appears to be falling off.
  • When Trevor asks Jem Cole if he thinks the Vicar will buy him, a hair is visible on Trevor's boiler.
  • When Jem Cole and the Vicar are riding Trevor around the scrapyard, a piece of string can be faintly seen pulling Trevor and no steam comes out of Trevor's funnel.
  • When Edward says "Hello! You're not broken and rusty, what are you doing here?" in the George Carlin narration, he says it in his Trevor voice.
  • Thomas' eyes are a little wonky when Edward leaves for the scrapyard.
  • When Edward says that the other engines think he is old fashion, he has a chip in his boiler.
  • When the Vicar bought Trevor, his cheek is chipped.


  • ERTL (discontinued)
  • Buzz Books - Saved from Scrap
  • Ladybird Books - Thomas, Percy and the Coal/Saved from Scrap
  • My Thomas Story Library - Trevor (discontinued)

In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Novo Começo
Chinese 在废车场被救
Croatian Spremljeno iz Otpada
Czech Záchrana před Šrotem
Danish Reddet fra Lossepladsen
Dutch Gered van de Schroothoop
Finnish Romutusuhka
French Sauvé de la Ferraille
German Nicht Verschrotten Bitte
Hungarian Edward és az Ócskavastelep
Italian Il Trattore Salvato
Japanese いのちびろいしたトレバー
Korean 다시 살아난 트레버
Norwegian Reddet fra Skraphaugen
Polish Ocalony ze Złomu
Romanian Salvat de la Fier Vechi
Russian Спасенный трактор
Serbian Spasen iz Otpada
Slovak Záchrana pred Šrotem
Slovenian Pot na Odpad
Spanish De Nuevo en Acción
Swedish Reddet fra Skrotupplaget
Thai เอ็ดเวิร์ดช่วยเทรเวอร์ทันเวลา
Ukrainian Врятований з брухту
Welsh Trefor

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