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Schoolhouse Delivery is a US/Greek/Polish DVD featuring three fourteenth season episodes and one fifteenth season episode.


School's in session and there are important lessons to be learned on the Island of SodorDiesel gets a hero's welcome when he makes a Really Useful delivery to the schoolhousePercy gets a lesson in responsibility after he runs into trouble trying to be like the bigger engines! Henry gets trained in how to handle health and safety emergencies, while Hiro teaches Thomas about his happy homeland. Join the Steam Team for a bright journey to the Head of the Class!



  1. Diesel's Special Delivery
  2. Being Percy
  3. Henry's Health and Safety
  4. Happy Hiro


  1. Diesel's Special Delivery
  2. Being Percy
  3. Henry and Safety
  4. Charlie and Edward
  5. James in the Dark
  6. Thomas and Hats
  7. Winter Wish (bonus feature)

Bonus FeaturesEdit

  • "The Mighty Magnet" game
  • "Guess Who?" puzzles - Thomas and Rocky, Henry, and Hiro



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