• Big Bird as Barney
  • Elmo as BJ
  • Zoe as Baby Bop
  • Grover as Riff
  • Baby Bear as Scooter McNutty
  • Rosita as Miss Etta Kette
  • Slimey the Worm as Booker T. Bookworm
  • Ernie as Michael
  • Prairie Dawn as Amy
  • Betty Lou as Tina
  • Abby Cadabby as Luci
  • Bert as Jason
  • Cookie Monster as Derek
  • Count von Count as Adam
  • Telly Monster as Jeffrey
  • Sherry Netherland as Stella the Storyteller
  • Herry Monster as Professor Tinkerputt
  • Gladys the Cow as Mother Goose
  • Guy Smiley as Mr. Boyd
  • The Amazing Mumford as Mr. Brantley
  • Kingston Livingston III as Shawn
  • Roxie Marie as Tosha
  • Suzetta Something as Min
  • Smart Tina as Kathy
  • The Big Bad Wolf as Rainbow Beard the Pirate
  • Elizabeth as Julie
  • Roosevelt Franklin as David
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