• Ernie as Wallace
  • Bert as Gromit
  • Grundgetta as Lady Toppington
  • Shermock Hemock as Victor
  • Elmo as Hutch
  • Snuffy as Mr Glowbag
  • Abby as Mrs Mulch
  • Gordon as Pc Macintoch
  • Oscar as Feathers McGraw the Penguin
  • Sam and Sid as Feathers McGraw's Brothers
  • Kermit as The Moon Machine
  • Grudgetta as Wendolene
  • Huxley as Preston
  • Buster the Horse as Shaun the Sheep
  • Telly as Vicar
  • Honkers as The Sheep and the Rabbits
  • Guy Smiley as Phillip
  • The Jet Muppet as The Wrong Trousers
  • Prairie Dawn as Piella
  • Rosita as Fluffles
  • Lefty the Salesman as Mr. Mulch
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