Moose: Zee and I have soemthing to show you. It's not the Rings of Saturn, It's not the dark side of the Moon. It's.... SHAPES IN SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, I see one of my favorites, A square. A square is a shape with four equal sides, like this one. Help Zee Find Another shape with four equal sides. Help Zee find another square. How about this shape? is this a square? Let's Count the sides together. 

Moose and the Viewers: 1, 2, 3. 

Moose: Is this a square?

Viewer: No, It's Not, No. 

Moose: No, This shape only has three sides, It's not a square, It's a triangle. What about this one? Let's count the sides. 

Moose and the Veiwers: 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Moose: 4 equal sides, so is this shape a square? 

Viewer: Is It is, Yes.

Moose: It is. Astrounatable, you know your shapes.  Thanks for helping us find... SQUARES IN SPACE! Looks like Zee would like to find another shape, What shape would you like to find Zee?

(Zee draw a circle.)

Moose: A Circle, Okay. Let's Help Zee find a circle, Do you see a circle? 

Viewer: There, Right There, It's right there. 

Moose: Yep, There's One. 

Viewer: There's another one over there. 

Moose: Oh My, 

Viewer: A circle.

Moose: There's Another One.

Viewer: That's one, over there,  a circle. 

Moose: I do believe your right. That's a circle too. Well beat me up smartie, You found all the circles and he's a shiny gold star for you Zee. 

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