The song was used when the volts exchange milk and cookies to themselves and the students, they’ll have one great snack. This time, it’s ernie, 9 volt and 18 volts version, and this time, they are sharing their very own 9 volt and 18 volt dolls

note: why is elmo with 9 volt?


(Jolly music)

ernie: yummy!

18 volt: yo ernie! Those oatmeal chip cookies and white chocolate chip cookies look cool, 9 volt’s holding it with a bag of it!

ernie: thanks!

9 volt: and that, milky drink is refreshing! (Holds a bottle of milk)

18 volt: yeah. Yeah!

Ernie: (elmo’s voice) elmo’s got, some something that you want, the volts got, some something that elmo wants, put both together and share

9 volt and 18 volt: (rapping each other) we’ll take that something that you know you take your something that we think, then put both things together and share! Elmo and Zoe sing the chorus!

Ernie: one for all

9 volt: one for all, yeah

Ernie: all for one

18 volt: all for one and one for all!

Ernie: sharing every, Everything for fun!

9 volt: maybe, one something is little, maybe, one something is bigger! but hey what else can we figure to do!

18 volt: that’s true

elmo and 9 volt: except to share all my every somethings with you!

ernie: (shushes elmo)

9 volt: 18 volt, I got it all figure out! This female student has cookies, and another student has milk, eh?

18 volt: yeah

9 volt: if a boy gives the girl a milk and got both milk and a cookie (Giggles)

ernie: Wait a second, that doesn’t sound quite right, in fact it sounds all wrong, what do you think you and Zoe are singing about? give up?

18 volt: (puts on a rock climb helmet and mammut Ophir) we’re rapping about sharing!

9 volt: (puts on a mammut Ophir) oh!

ernie: all for one

one for all

sharing every everything

elmo: and having a ball

9 volt: we got more something that you got, you got more something that you got

18 volt: so what!

ernie: we’re sharing it all equally! because the best thing you got to share

9 volt: the best thing we got to share!

Ernie: the best thing we got to share, you and me, me and you, you and me me and you

9 volt: hey, you kids want some milk and cookies I bought

girl: yep, i’d Love to!

18 volt: your doing climbing eh?

9 volt: give that a try

(then they share)

9 volt: don’t drink it all my friend

student: And hey, look what we bought, 9 volt and 18 volt dolls

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