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Challenge a friend to a game of shuffleboard. Two players can play using the same controller. Once you start, you have the following options: Pick Board (additional boards can be purchased in the Zoovenir Shop), Pick Game (play to 9 or 15 points) and Pick Player (select the character you wish to play).

Shuffleboard Controls

  • Slide left and right, left thumbstick
  • Turn left and right, right thumbstick

(press to power up, press again to release)

View scoring pucks

• Only one colour scores per round. A round is four pucks for each colour.

• All pucks of one colour past the deepest puck of the opposing colour count for scoring purposes.

• The puck must be completely over the dividing line to score the higher point value.

• Pucks that land in the foul zone or slide off the board do not score.

• The game is won when one side reaches 9 or 15 points, depending on the game you selected.

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