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Opening ThemeEdit

Season 1Edit

Ep 1.: "The Sticker Chart"Edit

Ep 2.: "The Rolie Polie"Edit

Ep 3.: "Enough With the Seashells!"Edit

Ep 4.: "The Whale Episode"Edit

Ep 5.: "Super Science Tools"Edit

Ep 6.: "My Mushy Banana"Edit

Ep 7.: "My Shrinking Shoes"Edit

Ep 8.: "My Ice Pops!"Edit

Ep 9.: "The Perfect Pancake!"Edit

Ep 10.: "No More Changes!"Edit

Ep 11.: "The Itchy Tag"Edit

Ep 12.: "What's That Smell?"Edit

Ep 13.: "Grandma's Glasses"Edit

Ep 14.: "Too Much Noise!"Edit

Ep 15.: "All My Senses"Edit

Ep 16.: "A Brush With Teeth"Edit

Ep 17.: "I Want Cake"Edit

Ep 18.: "The Big Sneeze"Edit

Ep 19.: "Must See TV!"Edit

Ep 20.: "Sid's Health Day"Edit

Ep 21.: "The Broken Wheel"Edit

Ep 22.: "My Slide"Edit

Ep 23.: "Sid's Amazing Invention!"Edit

Ep 24.: "The Tree House"Edit

Ep 25.: "Climb, Ignatz, Climb!"Edit

Ep 26.: "Hello Doggie!"Edit

Ep 27.: "Home Tweet Home"Edit

Ep 28.: "The Dirt on Dirt"Edit

Ep 29.: "Don't Forget the Leaves!"Edit

Ep 30.: "The Bug Club"Edit

Ep 31.: "Sid's Rainy Play Date"Edit

Ep 32.: "Special Sunny Dad Day"Edit

Ep 33.: "Special Mom Day Meal"Edit

Ep 34.: "I Have Muscles Where? (Muscle Boy Sid)"Edit

Ep 35.: "Sid's Amazing Lungs"Edit

Ep 36.: "How Did My Dog Do That?"Edit

Ep 37.: "Now That's Using Your Brain!"Edit

Ep 38.: "Sid's Holiday Adventure"Edit

Ep 39.: "The Wind Did It!"Edit

Ep 40.: "Sid the Weatherman"Edit

Ep 41.: "Getting a Shot: You Can Do It!"Edit

Season 2Edit

Ep 1.: "Slide To The Side"Edit

Ep 2.: "That's The Way The Ball Bounces"Edit

Ep 3.: "Ignatz's Inertia"Edit

Ep 4.: "Sid's Super Kick"Edit

Ep 5.: "Where Did The Water Go?"Edit

Ep 6.: "Clean Air!"Edit

Ep 7.: "Reused Robot!"Edit

Ep 8.: "Save the Stump!"Edit

Ep 9.: "Let There Be Light"Edit

Ep 10.: "Discovering Darkness"Edit

Ep 11.: "Shadow Smile!"Edit

Ep 12.: "A Rainbow Every Day!"Edit

Ep 13.: "The Amazing Computer Science Tool!"Edit

Ep 14.: "The Big Cheese!"Edit

Ep 15.: "Sid Wings It!"Edit

Ep 16.: "Sid Engineers a Solution"Edit

Ep 17.: "Sleep? Who Needs It?!"Edit

Ep 18.: "Seed the Science Kid"Edit

Ep 19.: "The Reason Sid's Sneezin"Edit

Ep 20.: "No School Sing-Along Special!"Edit

Ep 21.: "Sid's Backyard Campout"Edit

Ep 22.: "Halloween Spooky Science Special!"Edit

Ep 23.: "I Want to Be a Scientist!"Edit

Ep 24.: "Get Up and Move!"Edit

Ep 25.: "Rock 'n' Roll Easter"Edit

What episode shots are these from?Edit

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