Cast Edit

Version 1 Edit

  • Skarloey as Lighting McQueen
  • Rheneas as Mater
  • Madge as Sally
  • Sir Handel as Doc Hudson
  • Peter Sam as Ramone
  • Ive Hough as Guido
  • Freddie as Luigi
  • Ma as Flo
  • Da as Lizzie
  • Duncan as Red
  • Duke as The King
  • Smudger as Chick Hicks
  • Dies as Sheriff
  • Mur as Mack

Version 2 (made by PaulRhineII) Edit

  • Duncan as Lightning McQueen
  • Ernest (from RWS) as Mater
  • Madge as Sally
  • Mr. Percival as Doc Hudson
  • Stepney as Ramone
  • Skarloey as Luigi
  • Rheneas as Guido
  • and more
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