My scratchpad Wiki


  1. Skunk as Thomas
  2. Baboon as Edward
  3. Tiger as Henry
  4. Ox as Gordon
  5. Panda as James
  6. Bird as Percy
  7. Turtle as Toby
  8. Pig as Duck
  9. Donald and Douglas as Themselves
  10. Billy and Ben as Themselves
  11. Fox as Emily
  12. Snake as Sir Handel
  13. Frog as Peter Sam
  14. Mr. Fish as Skarloey
  15. Diesel as Himself
  16. Crane as Mavis
  17. Rabbit as Oliver
  18. Bowser (from Mario) as Diesel
  19. Duck as Molly
  20. Fi Fa Fume (from TTA) as Rosie
  21. Shadow (from Sonic) as Bulgy
  22. Rouge (from Sonic) as Daisy
  23. Dancing Bear (from Tom and Jerry) as Murdoch
  24. Rex as Himself
  25. Dragon as Diesel 10
  26. Killer Bees and Ninja Monkeys as Troublesome Trucks