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Songs from the Station is a US VHS/DVD featuring eight songs and two eighth season episodes narrated by Michael Brandon.


Steam ahead to the Island of Sodor with Thomas and the engines for a true blue celebration filled with your favorite songs from the station! Follow the bouncing steam cloud while you sing along to eight fun musical tracks. You'll be joining in on the "Engine Roll Call" and happily puffing to "Patience (Is a Virtue)!" Then, link up with the rest of your Sodor friends and sing an "Ode to Gordon" and more! There are more adventures around the bend with two new stories: "Thomas and the Tuba" and "Thomas and the Firework Display" with storyteller Michael Brandon. All aboard for Thomas' latest sing-along, engineered for fun!


  1. Sounds
  2. Emily *
  3. Surprises
  4. A World Around You
  5. Determination *
  6. Patience is a Virtue
  7. Ode to Gordon
  8. Engine Rollcall

(* Followed by an episode)


  1. Thomas and the Tuba
  2. Thomas and the Firework Display

Bonus featuresEditEdit

  1. Thomas' Great Destinations of Sodor
  2. Songs of Sodor Game
  3. Little Engines Can Do BIG Things Read-along
  4. Web Fun
  5. Sneak Peeks
  6. HiT Extras:
    • Barney: Perfect Purple Day
    • The Wiggles: Haircut
    • Toddworld: Worm's Eye View
    • Rubbadubbers: Deep Sea Reg

Songs featured on the Songs of Sodor GameEditEdit

DVD PacksEditEdit

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