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This sound effect can be found on Hanna-Barbera Sound Effects Library, which was made by Sound Ideas. It was originally a high pitched excerpt of two Major Records/Valentino sounds called Bull Bellows and Fierce Bull Bellowing (3 Cuts) The title of this sound effect shouldn’t be confused with Sound Ideas, COW - SINGLE MOO, ANIMAL 02 due to being similar. This sound effect has the same sound as Sound Ideas, ANIMAL, COW - COW MOOING WHILE BEING MILKED, which was from Classic TV Sound Effects Library.

Similar Variations

  • Valentino Bull Bellow (high pitched)
  • Valeninto Fierce Bull Bellowing (high pitched)

Used In

TV Shows

TV Specials

  • Pontoffel Pock, Where Are You? (1980)



  • DePatie-Freleng Cartoons (Shorts) (Heard in "The Scarlet Pinkernel" (1975).)
  • Pink Panther Cartoons (Shorts) (Heard in "The Scarlet Pinkernel" (1975).)

Video Games

Sega Genesis:

  • Earthworm Jim

Sega CD:

  • Earthworm Jim


  • Earthworm Jim


  • Blue's Clues: Cafe Blue (2001) (Heard once in "Snack Time".)
  • Baby Einstein
    • World of Words (2010) (Videos)

YouTube Videos

  • Pencilmation
  • You Know What's Bullshit?! (Heard in the intro in a high pitch.)

Image Gallery

Sound Ideas, COW - SINGLE COW MOO, ANIMAL 02/Image Gallery

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