Cast Edit

  • Stan Marsh as Humphrey
  • Wendy Testaburger as Kate
  • Mr. Brovelski as Tony
  • Mr. Garrison as Winston
  • Randy Marsh as Marcel
  • Sharon Marsh as Paddy
  • Mrs. Testaburger as Eve
  • Kyle Brovelski as Garth
  • Kenny McCormick as Shakey
  • Eric Cartman as Salty
  • Bebe Stevens as Lilly
  • Ike Brovelski as The Bear Cub
  • Liane Cartman as Reba
  • Mrs. Brovelski as Claws
  • Drunk Pole Dancing Girl as Janice
  • Token Black as Candu
  • Butters as Hutch
  • Timmy as Sweets
  • Tammy Warner as Candy
  • Shelly Marsh as The Porcupine
  • Mr. McCormick as Garn
  • Mrs. McCormick as Debbie
  • The Principal as The Park Ranger
  • Clyde as Max
  • Jesus as The Truck Stop Employee
  • Craig Tucker and Tweak as The Squirrels
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