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Spills and Chills and Other Thomas Thrills is a US VHS featuring six fifth season episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin and one song. it was distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment in 2000 and the DVD released in 2002 .The DVD release also featured an extra song. Lionsgate released the title for digital download in 2013.


2000 VHS:Edit

PEEP! PEEP! Next Stop: Excitement! Daily life on the Island of Sodor is always full of adventure for Thomas & His Friends. Many times, these journeys lead to chilling and thrilling situations. Watch what happens when a loose boulder spells near disaster for Rusty and Percy. Join Thomas as he rushes to save Sir Topham Hatt's vacation, and help lead a lost Stepney back to safety. Full steam ahead for "edge of your seat excitement!"


  1. Toby's Discovery
  2. Rusty and the Boulder
  3. Duncan Gets Spooked
  4. Stepney Gets Lost
  5. Haunted Henry
  6. Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday


  1. Every Cloud has a Silver Lining (Separate from main feature & Auto played on DVD)
  2. Night Train (DVD only & Autoplayed)

Bonus FeaturesEdit


  • This was the first VHS to use the current Thomas & Friends logo.
  • On the front cover, the image from Rusty and the Boulder is mirrored.
  • Some VHS copies feature the "Thomas & The Magic Railroad" teaser trailer. Oddly, the trailer narrated by Eric Idle is shown instead of the Jim Cummings narrated trailer.
  • When this was re-released with New Friends for Thomas and Other Adventures, both the beginning intro and Web Fun menu button were removed.
  • If the whole DVD is played automatically, the Songs and Character Gallery will play after the credits.
  • This was the last Thomas VHS to have a Sticker Label on the tape.


  • Trevor's nameboard is cut out during the last intermission.

DVD PacksEdit

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