Lyrics Edit

Elmo: splish splash, Elmo took a little bath

long about a Saturday night

a rub dub, just relaxing in his tub

thinking everything is alright

well, Elmo stepped out the tub, put his feet on the floor

then he wrapped his towel around him

and open the door

and then a, splish splash, Elmo jump back in the bath

but how was he to know there is a party going on

Miis: there was a splishin and a splashin

Reeling with the feeling

moving and a grooving

rocking and a rolling!


Cookie Monster: party!

Ernie: get down! Get down everybody!

numbuh 1: hit it, Numbuh 5

(Elmo gets out of the tub as Numbuh 5 enters wearing her swimsuit and her goggles)

numbuh 5: bing bang, Numbuh 5 saw the whole gang! Dancing with ya remixes! Hey!

flip flop, just spinning like a top, all the teens are cool, and

(Brandy Harrington emerges)

Brandy: there was Mr herriman and Chris mcclean

good golly said flapjack

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