Wario - Spongebob

Lulu - Mia Talerico

Mona - Arle Nadja (Puyo Puyo) (her theme song is Barbie girl by aqua)

Jimmy T - Johnny Bravo (his theme song is

Kat - Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice cartoon) (she and wednesday’s theme song is scared of the dark by steps)

Ana - Wednesday addams (Addams family)

Ashley - Aldous (her theme song is labour of love by hue and cry)

Red - Robotboy

Dr crygor - Clyde crashcup (The alvin show)

Young cricket - Wilt michaels

Master mantis - Michael Jordan

Penny crygor - Charlene the chipette (alvin And the chipmunks)

Dribble And spitz - Alexander Orlov And Sergei (Compare the market)

Mike - Brian the robot

9-Volt And 18-Volt - bars and melody

Orbulon - tigger

Fronk - Douglas mcnoggin

Natalie - Ashley Lovelace

Emily - Zendaya

Frank - Tom Holland

Tony - Robin (Teen Titans)

Kidware - S club juniors

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