(cartoon characters, Jesper mortensen and Leah Hennessy at the recording studio, kid chorus is putting make up on Leah)

henry: ok, we’re ready!

june: you ready you two?

jesper mortensen: yes

leah hennessy: yes

Marge Simpson: lets do it!

bear: lights, camera

(ernie appears in clapper board)

ernie: Spotify advert, take one (clapper board claps)

henry: and action!

jesper mortensen: hello my name’s Jesper mortensen, in the name of junior

leah Hennessy: And my name’s Leah Hennessy, in the name of linda love

Jesper mortensen: and the debut album “the Cabello and mendes revolution” is now available to stream and download on spotify, so get home, run a bath, get your naked body

leah hennesey: Take a dip in the water, and just enjoy

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