Opening Theme

Season 1

Ep 1.: "Up the Apple Tree"/"Kangaroo Clean-Up"

Ep 2.: "Daddy Pride"/"Show-and-Tell Shark"

Ep 3.: "Bearly Awake"/"The Eagle Has Landed"

Ep 4.: "Watch Out for Lionels"/"Growing Pains"

Ep 5.: "Frog Legs"/"Whoo's Afraid of the Dark?"

Ep 6.: "Tiger Hunt"/"Monkey Bar Business"

Ep 7.: "Camel Commotion"/"There's Snow Place Like Home"

Ep 8.: "A Whale of a Song"/"Sloth for a Day"

Ep 9.: "Busy Busy Octopus"/"Honest Ostrich"

Ep 10.: "Dolphin Talk"/"Whole Lotta Snakin' Going On"

Ep 11.: "Platypus Problems"/"Rabbit Habit"

Ep 12.: "Savanna-Speeders!"/"Tyrannosaurus Wrecks"

Ep 13.: "Hippo Helpers"/"Where's Stanley?"

Ep 14.: "Penguin Party"/"Leave it to Beavers"

Ep 15.: "The Joker"/"Baby Pictures"

Ep 16.: "You've Got Pigeon Mail"/"It's a Prairie Dog's Life"

Ep 17.: "Remembering With Elephants"/"Garbage Can Bandit"

Ep 18.: "Little Dog Lost"

Ep 19.: "Snow Monkey See, Snow Monkey Do"/"Sick Day Stanley"

Ep 20.: "The Big Spill"/"Peekaboo Parrot"

Ep 21.: "Gorilla Sleepover"/"Sea Lion Slip-Up"

Ep 22.: "Worms at Work"/"Caterpillar Countdown"

Ep 23.: "In a While, Crocodile"/"The Color of Stanley"

Ep 24.: "Searching for Spring"/"Save the Bluebird!"

Ep 25.: "The Pond Couple"/"Who's Afraid of Walter Wolf?"

Ep 26.: "A Little Squirrel Music"/"A Boy's Best Friend is His Fish"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "Ant Picnic"/"The Tooth About Teeth"

Ep 2.: "Eel-lectricity"/"Roller Rhino"

Ep 3.: "Keep 'Em Flying"/"Guess What's Coming For Dinner"

Ep 4.: "The Really Real Dragon"/"A Billy Goat for Dad"

Ep 5.: "Bloodhound Blues"/"Clock-a-Doodle-Doo!"

Ep 6.: "Mistaken Mermaid"/"It Pays to Be a Pelican"

Ep 7.: "Woodpecker Woes"/"P.U. Pup"

Ep 8.: "Grandma Griff's Mystery Guest"

Ep 9.: "Mockingbird Scat"/"Horsepower"

Ep 10.: "Proud as a Peacock"/"Dances with Flamingos"

Ep 11.: "Sunburn Stanley"/"Time for Toolfish"

Ep 12.: "Web Weavers"/"Muddy Buddies"

Ep 13.: "The Robbing Raven"/"Flashlight Fireflies"

Ep 14.: "Mysterious Moe"/"Spelling Bee Situation"

Ep 15.: "Follow the Lemur"/"Zebra Jigsaw"

Ep 16.: "Hummingbird Humdinger"/"Koala Cuddle"

Ep 17.: "Double-Duty Dad"/"Look Who's Helping"

Ep 18.: "Tasmanian Tantrum"/"Sea Otter Safety"

Ep 19.: "Going-Away Goose"/"Time to Climb!"

Ep 20.: "Stanley's Super Spectacles"/"The Ugly Griffling"

Ep 21.: "Doing Like Ducks"/"Speedy Does It"

Ep 22.: "X-Ray X-tra!"/ Under the Umbrella Bird"

Ep 23.: "I Scream for Ice Cream"/"Snack Savers"

Ep 24.: "A Little Nightingale Music"/"Super Squirrel"

Ep 25.: "Outfoxing Lionel"/"Jackrabbit Hide-and-Seek"

Ep 26.: "Me and My Palfish"/"At the Zoo!"

Season 3

Ep 1.: "Stanley's Dinosaur Roundup"

Ep 2.: "To Catch a Hamster"/"Pearls of Wisdom"

Ep 3.: "Living with Leopards"/"A Chinese New Year"

Ep 4.: "A Turkey of a Thangskiving"

Ep 5.: "The Way of the Buffalo"/"Follow That Falcon"

Ep 6.: "Shell Game"/"Sheep and a Haircut"

Ep 7.: "No News Like Shoe News"/"Ladybug, Ladybug"

Ep 8.: "Curse of the Angry Coral"/"A Little Bird Told Me"

Ep 9.: "Stanley's Great Big Book of Adventure"

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