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Start Your Engines! is a US, UK, AUS, South African, Polish, Czech, Brazilian, Greek, Spanish, French and Italian DVD that contains six episodes from the nineteenth season.



Thomas and Friends™ are racing on the rails! The clock is ticking for ThomasBertie and Spencer to get to the castle on time. As Philip shows Gordon how fast he can go, slow Stephen proves he can save the day. James and Thomas are on opposite tracks when the Big Game comes to Sodor, while Caitlin gives Emily an unexpected boost. Race down the tracks with Thomas and his friends!


The clock is ticking for Thomas, Bertie and Spencer to get to the castle on time. As Philip shows Gordon how fast he can go, slow Stephen proves he can save the day. Race down the tracks with Thomas and his friends!


  1. Two Wheels Good
  2. Reds vs. Blues
  3. Slow Stephen
  4. The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead
  5. Best Engine Ever
  6. Philip to the Rescue

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  • On the US release, an instrumental of Thomas and Percy can be heard on the Episode Selection menu.
  • The UK and AUS releases have the new intro, roll call and credits, while the US release does not.
  • This is the first UK DVD to feature episodes from the nineteenth season, as well as the new intro, roll call and credits.


  • Steve D'Angelo and Terry Tompkins are credited for rearranging the theme song, but the new version of the theme song is not featured on the US DVD (the Season 13-18 intro is used).
  • Some of the people are duplicated on the back cover.
  • The digital release is slowed down to 24 frames-per-second.



Wooden RailwayEditEdit

  • Philip
  • Streamlined Emily
  • Speedy Surprise Drop
  • Ready, Set, Race! Percy


  • Philip


  • Philip
  • Royal Spencer
  • Blue Team Thomas


  • Handcraft Underwear and Training Pants

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