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All Aboard With the Steam Team is a UK/AUS/SA DVD/VHS featuring six eighth season episodes. The South African DVD features two eighth season episodes and one seventh seasonepisode. It was released in Denmark, Norway & Sweden under the title Ready to Go!All Aboard! in Finland, New Stories for Czech audiences and Steam Locomotives for Romanian audiences. It was first released in the US under the title Steamies vs. Diesels and Other Thomas Adventurescontaining ten sixth season episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin.




Thomas & Friends are back with over 50 minutes of non-stop new stories! Meet the Steam Team in their new adventures on the beautiful Island of Sodor.

New to video/DVD, All Aboard with the Steam Team, includes superb interactive sections such as 'Listen to the different sounds of the engines' and 'Guess which engines are being described' as well as two fun and interactive sing-along songs.

Episodes on this video/DVD are:


Thomas & Friends are back with over 50 minutes of non-stop stories! Meet the Steam Team in their adventures on the beautiful island of Sodor. All Aboard With The Steam Team, includes superb interactive sections such as 'Listen to the different sounds of the engines' and 'Guess which engines are being described' as well as two fun and interactive sing-along songs. Episodes on this DVD are:


On the Island of Sodor, two kinds of engines help keep Sir Topham Hatt's railway running smoothly - steamies and diesels. But is the Island big enough for both? It's not always easy for these engines to put aside their differences and work together. See what happens when the diesels tease Thomas. Will Thomas come to their aid when they need this Really Useful steamie's help? And when Gordon develops some very loud squeaks and rattles, will Sir Topham Hatt retire him to the yard for good? That's what the diesels say!

Get on board with the steamies and the diesels and see how they finally learn that, from brake pipe to buffer, all engines are more alike than not.


Thomas and his friends are back with new adventures from Sodor. This time you'll join in a birthday party where a band will play. Thomas is going to collect the band and take them to the party. Also there will be trips in terrible snow weather, firework-fun, and much much more...


Thomas & Friends known to children around the world. Thomas & Friends and his friends come up with stories full of incredible adventures. The new parts will experience a lot of tension and fun. So sit nicely, Thomas & Friends just arriving.



  1. James and the Red Balloon * - Thomas has been sent to collect a hot air balloon but he and James are worried that it will take the engines passenger traffic away. When the balloon starts to defliate, James saves the day and the balloon has attracted so many holiday makers, that their passenger traffic has actually increased! 
  2. Salty's Secret *** - Salty loves the sea, and is disappointed when he finds his new job at the Quarry. Much to Bill, Ben and Mavis' surprise, he handles the Troublesome Trucks so well that he finishes the job in no time.
  3. The World's Strongest Engine* -  Diesel hopes to get rid of the steam engines once and for all but for once the troublesome trucks are on the engines' side and help to get rid of Diesel instead!
  4. Squeak, Rattle and Roll * - Gordon loves pulling the passenger express, but he has noticed a strange noise whenever he starts to go fast. Will the Fat Controller still allow him to carry on working if he finds out? Gordon must do his best to hide his secret but this may not be easy on Sodor!
  5. Percy's New Whistle * - It is Winter on the island of Sodor and all the engines have to blow their whistle to let people know they are coming in the bad weather. Percy practises blowing his whistle so loudly that he scares the other engines and gets into trouble. However, his practice pays off when he has to warn Thomas that there has been a snowdrift.
  6. Thomas and the Firework Display ** - It is the harvest firework display and James is the lucky engine that is sent to collect the fireworks. Thomas wishes he could join in and help but he's been given another really useful job. However, when James breaks down, Thomas rushes to help his friend and gets to share in the fireworks himself.


  1. James and The Red Balloon *
  2. Salty's Secret ***
  3. The World's Strongest Engine
  4. Buffer Bother *
  5. Middle Engine **
  6. Thomas and The Jet Engine
  7. Edward The Very Useful Engine
  8. Twin Trouble
  9. Dunkin Duncan
  10. Rusty Saves The Day


  1. Thomas Comes to the Rescue
  2. Henry and the Desire Tree
  3. Thomas and the Tuba
  4. Gordon Has Problems
  5. Percy's New Whistle
  6. Thomas and the Fireworks


  1. Thomas Salvages the Situation
  2. Henry and the Wishing Tree
  3. Thomas and the Brass Band
  4. Rattling Noise
  5. Percy's New Whistle
  6. Thomas and the Fireworks


  1. Thomas to the Rescue
  2. Henry and the Wishing Tree
  3. Thomas and the Tuba
  4. Squeaking, Rattling and Knocking
  5. Percy's New Whistle
  6. Thomas and the Fireworks


  1. Thomas and the Fireworks
  2. Percy's Whistling
  3. Creak, Rattle and Knock
  4. Thomas and the Tuba Player
  5. Henry and the Wishing Tree
  6. Thomas Steps In


  1. Fireworks
  2. Percy's New Whistle
  3. Squeak, Rattle and Roll
  4. Thomas and the Tuba
  5. Henry and the Wishing Tree
  6. Thomas to the Rescue


  1. Thomas the Rescuer
  2. Henry and the Desire Tree
  3. Thomas and the Tuba
  4. Creak, Rattle and Knock
  5. Percy's New Whistle
  6. Thomas and the Fireworks



  1. Sounds **
  2. Engine Roll Call *

(*Following an episode)

(**Following a Learning Segment)

Learning SegmentsEditEdit


  1. Different Sounds
  2. Guess the Engine - Emily **
  3. Surprise Destination
  4. Guess the Engine - Thomas, Toby and Henry
  5. Sounds

(*Followed by a song)


  1. Different Sounds
  2. Getting There **
  3. ​Guess the Engine - Emily

Bonus FeaturesEditEdit


  • Know Your Engine Quiz (DVD only)
  • Day Out with Thomas Promo (VHS only despite being described on DVDs)


  • Steamie Stumpers Quiz
  • Sodor Sounds
  • Steamie or Diesel?
  • Friends Facts
  • Sneaks Peeks


  • Fireman Sam bonus episode


  • This is the first DVD to be part of the New Series era of Thomas & Friends.
  • Despite having the New Series in this DVD in the original trailer from the previous DVD, New Friends for Thomas the trailer featured footage from season 6 and 7.
  • The image for Thomas to the Rescue in the US episode selection menu uses the image on the US DVD cover.
  • Additional footage from It's Only SnowHarold and the Flying Horse and Salty's Stormy Tale are featured in the Know Your Engines quiz which is unique because the quiz game and the episodes were also on the Engines to the Rescue DVD.
  • Despite saying it on the rear sleeve, some DVD releases do not include the Day out with Thomas preview.
  • In the 2008 UK DVD Menu, a still scene from the ninth season episode, Thomas' New Trucks is used.
  • Some 2004 UK releases start up with the ABC for Kids ident and trailer.


  • In Thomas to the Rescue, when the narrator says "oiled Diesel" the subtitles say "boiled Deisel."
  • In the "Steamie or Diesel" game, Spencer is mistakingly called a diesel even though he is a steamie. Whenever you get the wrong button, Spencer says he actually has a horn instead of a whistle and even says he is a diesel engine.
  • In the DVD menu, Annie and Clarabel's names are missing.
  • In the 2004 opening of the UK DVD Menu, Percy has Gordon's whistle sound.
  • In the UK DVD, the subtitles for Thomas to the Rescue call 'Arry "Harry."
  • During the "Surprise Destination" learning segment in the UK DVD, Emily has Gordon's whistle sound.
  • Michael Angelis is credited in the opening of the Norwegian DVD even though he didn't narrate in that dub.
  • In the Steamie Stumpers Quiz:
    • It is said in Percy's New Whistle that Percy blew his whistle at Elizabeth and some ducks when it was actually Trevor and some sheep.
    • It is said in Squeak, Rattle and Roll that Gordon blew his whistle to cover up the squeak, when he actually slowed down to cover it up.

DVD PacksEditEdit





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