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Stefano is a large amphibious cargo ship from Italy.


Stefano is a huge amphibious vehicle who can transport engines and other vehicles around the world. He is a bit of a showboat and loves to wow people with his amphibious ability, and revels in their surprise. He is a confident performer and raconteur who likes to tell stories and sees himself as a boat of the world. Stefano can be quite charming and gentle and is not really as full of himself as his pompous manner might suggest. There is a genuine warmth to his larger-than-life, friendly personality, and he truly cares about others.

Technical Details


Stefano's basis is currently unknown, however he resembles the LARC-LX.


Stefano's cab is painted red with a black roof, while his hull is painted orange with yellow and black hazard stripes and his crane arm is painted yellow.


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