Steven Universe is a Show Made By Rebecca Sugar.

Parodies Edit

Steven Universe/Thomas

Steven Universe/Mario

Steven Universe/Kirby

Steven Universe/Zoobomafoo

Steven Universe/Mickey Mouse

Steven Universe/Adventure Time

Steven Universe/Regular Show

Steven Universe/Fluppy Dogs

Steven Universe/Baby Einstein

Steven Universe/Noozles

Steven Universe/Jingaroo

Steven Universe/The Care Bears Family

Steven Universe/Smooshees

Steven Universe/Popples

Steven Universe/PB&J Otter

Steven Universe/Bonkers

Steven Universe/The Wuzzles

Steven Universe/The Wild Puffalumps

Steven Universe/The Adventures of Gummi Bears

Steven Universe/Maple Town

Steven Universe/Star vs The Forces of Evil

Steven Universe/Teletubbies

Steven Universe/Blue’s Clues

Steven Universe/Winnie The Pooh

Steven Universe/Baby Genius

Steven Universe/101 Dalmatians

Steven Universe/Backyardigans

Steven Universe/Inside Out (2015)

Steven Universe/Happy Tree Friends

Steven Universe/My Little Pony

Steven Universe/The Loud House

Steven Universe/Teen Titans Go!

Steven Universe/Sunny Day

Steven Universe/Shopkins Shoppies

Steven Universe/The Fairly OddParents

Steven Universe/Pingu

Steven Universe/Ducktales

Steven Universe/The Incredibles

Steven Universe/Toy Story

Steven Universe/The Land Before Time

Steven Universe/The Wiggles

Steven Universe/Peppa Pig

Steven Universe/Bear in The Big Blue House

Steven Universe/It’s a Big Big World

Steven Universe/Angry Birds

Steven Universe/Dreamworks

Steven Universe/Darkwing Duck

Steven Universe/Foofur

Steven Universe/Home (2015)

Steven Universe/Sonic

Steven Universe/Casablanca (1942)

Steven Universe/Looney Tunes

Steven Universe/Monsters, Inc.

Steven Universe/Little Einsteins

Steven Universe/Kipper The Dog

Steven Universe/The Koala Brothers

Steven Universe/Fantasia

Steven Universe/Sesame Street

Steven Universe/A Goofy Movie

Steven Universe/Goof Troop

Steven Universe/Kissyfur

Steven Universe/The Lion King

Steven Universe/Finding Nemo

Steven Universe/Water Pets

Steven Universe/Peep and The Big Wide World

Steven Universe/An American Tail

Steven Universe/Ratatouille

Steven Universe/Equestria Girls

Steven Universe/Moana (2016)

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