• Amethyst as Bard The Dragon
  • Steven Universe as Vincent Van Goat
  • Connie as Vivian Van Goat
  • Pearl as Duck Puppet
  • Peridot as Giraffe Puppet
  • Lapis Lazuli as Mouse Puppet
  • Garnet as Rabbit Puppet
  • Ruby as Mozart The Koala Puppet
  • Sapphire as Dog Puppet
  • Onion as Orange Rabbit Puppet
  • Morganite as Zylon Dragon Puppet
  • Greg as Kangaroo Puppet
  • Lars as Cat Puppet
  • Bismuth as Beethoven Dog Puppet
  • Pink Pearl as Blue Bird Puppet
  • Sadie as Sheep Puppet
  • Rose Quartz as Cow Puppet
  • Yellow Pearl as Pig Puppet
  • Blue Pearl as Elephant Puppet
  • Blue Zircon as Hippo Puppet
  • Jasper as Zog Dragon Puppet
  • Aquamarine as Panda Puppet
  • Padparadscha as Yellow Rabbit Puppet
  • Rutile Twins as Flamingo Puppets
  • Fluorite as Rhino Puppet
  • Lion as St. Bernard Puppet
  • and more

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