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== Cast ==
Steven Universe as Thomas
*Steven as Thomas
*Connie as Emily
*Onion as Percy
Rose Quartz as Molly
*Garnet as Mavis
Connie as Emily
*Pearl as Lady
*Amethyst as Rosie
Garnet as Mavis
*Greg as Gordon 
*Rose Quartz as Molly 
Amethyst as Rosie
*Lars as James
*Lapis Lazuli as Madge
Pearl as Lady
*Jasper as Daisy 
*Peridot as Caroline
*Aquamarine as Elizabeth
Lars as James
*Spinel as Millie
*Topaz as Henrietta 
Onion as Percy
*Yellow Diamond as Lady Hatt
*Ronaldo as Diesel 
Greg Universe as Gordon
*Lion as Bertie 
*Morganite as Isobella
Lapis Lazuli as Madge
*Mayor Dewey as Henry
*Peedee as Duck
Peridot as Caroline
*Mr. Fryman as Toby
Jasper as Daisy
[[Category:Steven Universe Parodies]]
[[Category:Thomas Parodies]]
Aquamarine as Elizabeth
Topaz as Millie
Yellow Diamond as Lady Hatt

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  • Steven as Thomas
  • Connie as Emily
  • Onion as Percy
  • Garnet as Mavis
  • Pearl as Lady
  • Amethyst as Rosie
  • Greg as Gordon 
  • Rose Quartz as Molly 
  • Lars as James
  • Lapis Lazuli as Madge
  • Jasper as Daisy 
  • Peridot as Caroline
  • Aquamarine as Elizabeth
  • Spinel as Millie
  • Topaz as Henrietta 
  • Yellow Diamond as Lady Hatt
  • Ronaldo as Diesel 
  • Lion as Bertie 
  • Morganite as Isobella
  • Mayor Dewey as Henry
  • Peedee as Duck
  • Mr. Fryman as Toby
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