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*Steven Universe as Bumblelion
*Steven as Bumblelion
*Connie as Butterbear
*Connie as Butterbear
*Pearl as Hoppopotamus
*Sadie as Hoppopotamus
*Amethyst as Eleroo
*Greg as Eleroo
*Garnet as Rhinokey
*Lars as Rhinokey
*Lapis Lazuli as Moosel
*Onion as Moosel
*Peridot as Koalakeet
*Ronaldo as Koalakeet
*Ruby as Skowl
*Pearl as Piggypine
*Sapphire as Piggypine
*Spinel as Transylvia
*Jasper as Brat
*Yellow Diamond as Transylvia
*Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl as Dingbats
*Morganite as Crocosaur
[[Category:The Wuzzles Parodies]]
[[Category:Steven Universe: The Movie Parodies]]

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  • Steven as Bumblelion
  • Connie as Butterbear
  • Sadie as Hoppopotamus
  • Greg as Eleroo
  • Lars as Rhinokey
  • Onion as Moosel
  • Ronaldo as Koalakeet
  • Pearl as Piggypine
  • Spinel as Transylvia
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