• Cure Melody: Melody Prism Power, Make Up!


  • Cure Melody: Moon Pride, I will become the wind that is under your wings! Now as the tears wash away my sadness, and in my eyes, passion burns with fire, and with a force as strong as the lightning, my heart is asking me what is true love, no matter where we are, even if darkness falls, we're never really alone, I'm with you now, here in the Moonlight, ah-ah! Even when I've lost my way, I will always hold my head up proudly, I'll never want the prince on his horse to come and rescue me, we will always fight and stand on our own! Shiny Make-Up, I'll be the one who shines in the sky with all of the stars, we are not those helpless girls anymore that needs protection from all the fears, so now, Shiny Make-Up, I'll be the one to fight for us all, protecting the stars, now's the time, a brand new legend begins foretold by the heavens from long time ago, la la Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon!
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