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Ruby's Lemonade Stand - Ruby's Rummage Sale - Ruby's Magic Act Max figures out how to get delicious lemonade at Ruby and Louise's lemonade stand., Max and Ruby don't agree on what to sell and what to keep at Ruby's rummage sale., Max gets in on the act when Ruby and Louise put on their backyard magic show. Ruby's Hippity Hop Dance - Ruby's Bird Bath - Super Max Saves The World Ruby and Louise learn the Hippity Hop with some unexpected help from Max's football., Ruby wants to build an all-natural birdbath, but Max wants to fill it with his bath toys!, Will Super Bunny (Max) and Zoom Zoom (Morris) save their sisters' science project or destroy it? Ruby's Pajama Party - Baby Max - Bunny Scout Cookies Max wants to come to Ruby's girls-only pajama party. Can he get himself invited?, Ruby and Louise make Max into an unwilling baby. How will he "slide" out of it?, When Ruby goes into town to sell Bunny Scout Brownies, Max comes along to "help." Max's Valentine - Ruby Flies A Kite - Super Max Ruby thinks Max is too little to make a Valentine, but he's determined to do it., Ruby wants Max to play with his own flying toys while she tries to fly her kite., When Ruby's doll goes missing, Super Max (inadvertently) saves the day!

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